Kat “Void” Yuen | 阮掭艺

queer ya writer&ace theorist


Void Yuen ( 阮掭艺 ) is a mixed-race creative writer and asexualities theorist with a penchant for character-driven fantasy and D/death. He received his BA in Writing & Literature with a minor in LGBTQA+ Studies from UCSB’s College of Creative Studies in 2022, where she spent his years on the editorial team of Spectrum Literary Journal. Void has published essays, poetry, and fiction, and his zine titled “DO YOU LIKE SEX?” And Other Asexual Questions is forthcoming.

Gods willing, Void will begin graduate school in either religious or writing studies starting Fall 2023. His intended fields of study are asexual rhetorics and literary personifications of death. She is also interested in cyborg and AI studies, social construction theory, and ecological restoration.

Contact Void on Twitter @voidyuen, or by email at kyuen.author@gmail.com.