Here is where you can find all prepared reading lists, with short descriptions explaining the purpose for each one. This directory will be perpetually updated as new lists are added or revised.

Intro to Creative Writing

This list was first conceptualized for a first-year creative writing class designed to challenge writing majors in a variety of creative writing genres, mainly poetry, fiction, and creative non-fiction. All of these texts were chosen with attention to breadth of form, with the guiding idea that not all students may be interested in all genres or styles.

Social Constructs of Sexuality

This list is aimed for feminist or sexuality studies courses which deal with different academic approaches to understanding sexuality, and is assumed to be concomitant with discussing Gayle Rubin or Foucault. The guiding idea here is to expose students to asexual thought as it continues, and expands upon, existing social construction theories.

Human Sexuality 101 and 102

These texts are arranged around the idea of helping students broaden how they think about "sexuality," particularly with regards to the variety of human sexual activities and experiences. Primary sources are also included to highlight different intersections of identity and experience, and are particularly encouraged for Sociology or Counseling Psychology classes.