Human Sexuality

Last updated: June 4, 2022

These texts are arranged around the idea of helping students broaden how they think about "sexuality," particularly with regards to the variety of human sexual activities and experiences. Primary sources are also included to highlight different intersections of identity and experience, and are particularly encouraged for Sociology or Counseling Psychology classes.

Personal Definitions of Sexuality Zine Personal essay
  • Topics: Intersexuality, personal identity, normativity, personal experience
  • Rating: A
  • Length: webpage
  • Citation: Sinclair, Jim. (1987). Personal Definitions of Sexuality. Self-published. Internet Archive.
  • Reconsidering Asexuality and Its Radical Potential Academic essay
  • Topics: Sexology, sexual therapy, HSSD, compulsive sexuality, acephobia
  • Rating: A
  • Length: 17 pages
  • Citation: Chasin, CJ DeLuzio. (2013). Reconsidering Asexuality and Its Radical Potential. Feminist Studies, Vol. 39, No. 2. 405-426.
  • Here goes everything Personal essay
  • Topics: Sexual violence, compulsory sexuality, assailable, assimilation, acephobia, personal experience
  • Rating: A*
  • Length: webpage
  • Citation: queenieofaces. (2014). Here goes everything. Asexual Agenda.
  • Negotiating the Boundaries of Intimacy:
    The Personal Lives of Asexual People
    Academic research paper
  • Topics: Relationships, intimacy, common experience, theory 101
  • Rating: B
  • Length: 15 pages
  • Citation: Dawson, Matt, Liz McDonnell & Susie Scott. (2016). The Sociological Review, vol. 64, 349–365.
  • There’s more to life than sex?:
    Difference and Commonality Within the Asexual Community
    Academic research paper
  • Topics: Asexual spectrum, identity, ace history 101, sex aversion, romantic identity, community
  • Rating: B*
  • Length: 16 pages
  • Citation: Carrigan, Mark. (2011). There’s more to life than sex? Difference and commonality within the asexual community. Sexualities, vol. 14, no. 4, 462–478.
  • Challenging Accepted Scripts of Sexual “Normality”:
    Asexual Narratives of Non-normative Identity and Experience
    Academic research paper
  • Topics: Identity, common experience, gender intersection, journey of identification, relationships
  • Rating: S*
  • Length: 16 pages
  • Citation: Mitchell, Heather & Gwen Hunnicutt. (2019). Challenging Accepted Scripts of Sexual “Normality”: Asexual Narratives of Non‐normative Identity and Experience. Sexuality & Culture, vol. 23, 507–524.
  • Masculine Doubt and Sexual Wonder:
    Asexually-Identified Men Talk About Their (A)sexualities
    Academic research paper
  • Topics: Gender, gender roles, journey of identification, common experience, sexual norms
  • Rating: S*
  • Length: 22 pages
  • Citation: Przybylo, Ela. (2014). Masculine Doubt and Sexual Wonder: Asexually-Identified Men Talk About Their (A)sexualities. Asexualities: Feminist and Queer Perspectives, eds. Karli June Cerankowski & Megan Milks. New York: Routledge. 225-246.
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